• Our Products

    Meelamp has been focused on innovative outdoor lighting products since its born. It manufactures LED flood lights, LED street lights, solar street lights, smart street light and LED high bay.

  • Quality Control

    1. Most strictly select raw materials, 100% checking. 2.Testing all PCB after soldering with electricity and connector with driver. 3.Exact power Checking. 4.Integrating sphere testing for Color temperature and Lumens. 5.IP 66 Waterproof Testing. 6.Aging testing 48 hours (72 hours for high voltage products). 7.100% appearance checking. 8.100% label checking. 9.100% function checking. 10.Color temperature and Lumens spot checking

  • Customer Service

    1.Standard 2-3 years after purchase under normal usage. 2. Will provide free/rework new products based on the proof-documents. 3.If driver failed, we’ll send new driver. 4.If LED failed, we’ll sent new LED. 5. Unclear reason, we will sent full new set.

About Us

Meelamp Lighting Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer in innovative outdoor lighting products in China, which combines traditional illumination with modern,ground-breaking lighting technologies.The factory was founded in 2013, located in Helang,Zhongshan,near Guzhen--the world's lighting capital.It has 4 production lines, 10 members of R&D team and 30 members of sales team.

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  • Uniform Illumination :

    Ultra Slim Design, High brightness, perfect for various outdoor applications, LED flood light fixtures

  • Unique Radiator Design:

    Fins cooling, better heat dissipation guarantee outdoor flood light fixtures’ long life

  • Water-proof:

    IP 66, IP 67, long life span > 50,000 hrs                               

  • Perfect Performance:

    High lumen LED chips, stable constant LED driver for exterior LED flood lights