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Difference between LED flood light and traditional flood light
- May 24, 2018 -

Difference between LED flood light and traditional flood light 

With the continuous expansion of the LED industry, government departments to promote the support, LED applications in a wider range of outdoor lighting, today we have a look at the advantages of LED flood light in the application, why use led light cast traditional light light? Discuss with you: Difference between LED flood light and traditional spot light:

A, led projector light performance comparison

LED drive power will be the use of the famous American company's IC chip, Japan's ruby capacitor, the use of the world's most advanced circuit design, constant current accuracy of 99%, (China's general LED product constant current accuracy is only a little more than 70%), so that This product's LED drive power can reach the world's leading level, there are over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning and other anti-surge and other design protection to ensure that high-power LED floodlight products will get longer life, and More stable performance.

LED flood light and traditional cast light in the performance of the comparison, the energy conversion rate of its products is relatively high, energy efficiency will be as high as 80% or more, led flood light is mainly driven by the constant current drive power, constant current accuracy level It is a very important quality criterion for LED lamps.

Second, LED floodlights have the following six major advantages:

1. LED flood light integrated design style, seat type, wall-mounted and other product installation methods, the operation is more simple and more convenient.

2. LED flood light multiple shockproof structure design, superior seismic performance, can be reliably used in high-frequency vibration environment.

3. The LED spotlight reflector is made of mirror aluminum material, and through precise light distribution design and optimized electrical configuration, the luminous efficiency of the LED spotlight is effectively improved.

4. The good electromagnetic compatibility of the LED floodlight will not cause any interference to the transmission network.

5. LED flood light adopts imported alloy high-quality materials and high-tech spraying technology, dustproof and waterproof, anti-corrosion, can be used normally in the harsh environment of high temperature and humidity for a long time.

6. LED flood light using special gas discharge lamp, longer life, higher luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

LED flood light as a representative of a new generation of floodlights, its promotion and application will inevitably affect the adjustment of the floodlight market and production companies, as a led outdoor lighting manufacturer, in addition to doing outdoor street lights, led street lights, landscape lights, etc. In addition to the production of lighting products, spotlights are also important products!