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Effect of LED Color Temperature on Cost Performance in Lighting Equipment
- May 30, 2018 -

Effect of LED Color Temperature on Cost Performance in Lighting Equipment

Color temperature and Blake curve

The color temperature of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps is relatively uniform in batch products. Because of the manufacturing process characteristics of LEDs, the color temperature of each batch of packaged products deviates greatly, and the color temperature of LED light sources is expressed by the correlated color temperature (CCT). This means that there is a problem of color space uniformity (Δuv), which is a disadvantage of LEDs as a light source;

Color temperature inconsistency has been plagued with the pursuit of high-quality LED lighting products manufacturing companies, color temperature problems also showed the same value of the color temperature value test, but the light color is different, this is called the same temperature different color, but also the same visual light color The color temperature value of the test is different, this is called the same color and different temperature, the lower the color temperature, the more severe the same temperature and different colors with the same color, can be seen from Figure 1 this problem. The

If the same 3400K QM and QP light color will be a great difference, the color difference can be used to distinguish the human eye, and QO and PO light color vision difference will be lower than the former, the exact method is to determine the color of the LED spectrum analysis Coordinates, and then according to the order of the set of McAdam ellipses, using the mixing technology and control Δuv range to ensure the consistency of the product's color temperature, qualified companies can determine the company's order color temperature range rules to avoid the same temperature Color;

Chromatic aberration is a problem of technical control of LED light sources. It is possible to use color matching to solve the problem of different colors at the same temperature. The color matching requires professional technology for calculation. If the lamp has a diffusion cover, the color temperature control will be easier, when the color temperature requirements of the product are compared. When strict, COB packaging is also a good choice. The

When the LED light source encounters the CIE1931 light color uniformity, many people will be confused in this distorted space and it is better to use the CIE1960.

This article gives an in-depth introduction to the LED color temperature and the Blake curve for the cost-effectiveness of LED lighting. This knowledge can be used not only in the electronic circuit design process, but also in the LED lighting products needed for daily life. The same knowledge can be used to help you buy the right LED lighting equipment.