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Five major advantages of LED products
- May 28, 2018 -

Five major advantages of LED products

Now we can often see in the market a lot of stores are playing the words of LED, LED has been very much attention since its inception so, why is this? The reason is to take advantage of the advantages of LED energy-saving lamps! For LED energy-saving lamps The advantages of energy saving and environmental protection are all well-known! The advantages of LED are summarized as follows:

First of all, LED has the advantage of high efficiency and energy saving. It is impossible to convince people that LED energy-saving lamps do not have energy savings. We can use the 60-watt incandescent lamp that is very common in our life. It takes 17 hours to consume 1 kWh of electricity. An ordinary LED 10-watt energy-saving lamp consumes 100 hours of electricity. From this, it is easy to compare the efficiency of LED. Advantage!

Second, LED energy-saving lamps have environmental advantages. LED energy-saving lamps are hailed as the 21st century's green light source. Why do they say this? The reason is that LED energy-saving lamps do not contain any pollution and toxic substances. Discarded LED can be recycled and will not be harmful to human body during use. The electromagnetic wave, these points are not possessed by other lighting equipment, at the same time LED will not emit ultraviolet and infrared light, there will be no radiation, so you can guarantee the health of the user, even more rare is the energy-saving LED lights Use can help us to protect our eyesight because it uses a DC drive and no flash.

Third, the service life of LED energy-saving lamps is very long. In the lighting equipment that we generally use at this stage, the best service life is also 8,000 hours, but the life span of ordinary LED energy-saving lamps is up to 50,000 hours. We can try to figure out how long we will not use it. I'm worried about changing things like lamps! I believe the results are amazing!

Fourth, LED's market potential has a strong advantage! Because people's quality of life continues to increase, more and more people are pursuing a healthy living environment, so LED energy-saving lamps will become the dominant light source!

Fifth, the use of LEDs is very wide. Not only in the urban areas where we live, but also in many remote mountain areas, due to the good performance of LED, it can be used! Therefore, the market potential of LED energy-saving lamps is that we have no way to estimate!

LED is bound to receive the attention of all parties. We use LED energy-saving light sources in our work and life to make our living environment more green, healthy and environmentally friendly.