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How to buy excellent LED lamps
- May 28, 2018 -

How to buy excellent LED lamps

That is the light! Recently just completed the decor, enter the stage of picking the lights, but the designer only took a catalogue for us to pick, I do not know how to provoke? Go to the lighting shop to see do not know what to buy it? Please tell me how to select lamps for purchase. Do not think that lights will shine as long as they are. A good light will bring you to “paradise.” The light and the good atmosphere will make the family more romantic. On the contrary, choosing the wrong light will not only hurt eyesight. Carelessly knocked his head. Most people are not very good at picking up lights. They think that if you go to a hypermarket to look at samples or take a look at a catalog given by a designer or a manufacturer, it's time to take home a pleasing eye. If you think so, Then you must be far away from Heaven.

In fact, we can't blame everyone. Even if the designer is not good enough to pick the lamp, it is not very clear whether the lamp is good or bad, the problem of using the attention, and what kind of space should be installed to meet the demand? When manufacturers or designers are picking up lights for homeowners, most of them will only use the homeowner’s budget, taste, and preferences as the basis for selecting the lights, while ignoring the “lighting lighting” issue. In addition, its importance is really no less than picking up a good bed or a good ergonomic furniture, the impact on human physical and mental health can not be underestimated. Even if a designer helps with the decoration, there are still many people who “wrongly buy the wrong light.” Therefore, it would be better if you could personally go to the site to see the actual product. It is better to personally confirm the material, brightness, size, etc. What about good lights?

Focus 1: How much space is used First of all, do you want to know that this lamp should be installed in a space of several pings? The space of 30 pings only uses a 40 watt lamp, not to mention lighting. The horrors have to use the flashlight to find things, usually a large space, a general height, and a light source of 80 to 100 watts. Convert it to know how many wattage lamps you need to provide lighting.

Focus 2: What is the use of function? It's hard to get a girlfriend to sit at home. Seeing that her little hand is about to be touched, a 500-watt headlight suddenly lights up, and I'm sure that there is much disappointment. It is very important where your lights are used. It is for bedroom use, living room use, dining room use, entrance use, study, and studio use. Each room needs different atmosphere and lighting brightness, whether it is necessary to use supplemental light sources again...etc. To be considered, the height of the house must not be neglected. The height of a typical house is about 2-6 meters, but if the height of the room is at least 3 meters, then a small lamp will not shine, and the color of the wall is also very important. If the wall is black then 500 watt lights are not on.

Focus 3: The direction of the light source design must confirm the direction of the light source of the light. Attention should be paid to the downward or upward design. If the design of the light is upward, the space will not be too bright. Very hot, the light source of the lamp is upwards or downwards, which involves the use of a lamp, the same wattage, but the candle lamp or the tail lamp is lower than the energy saving lamp or the tungsten lamp.

Foucus 4: The material of the lamp The quality of the lamp, the quality of the plating, and the weight of the metal structure are also important. If you accidentally, the "Phantom of the Opera" lamp will fall from the ceiling. Do not underestimate the thickness of the power cord. The power cord is too fine but it is easy to harden and break out, but it is also faulty. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the replacement of light bulbs. This is especially true for female compatriots. Otherwise, they really have to find a man to go home for a light bulb, as well as the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Will be involved in the follow-up service and the return and replacement of Xenon lamps...etc.

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