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LED Flood Light Installation Instructions
- May 23, 2018 -

LED Flood Light Installation Instructions

Main material:

LED Flood Light, Waterproof Switching Power Supply, LED Flood Light Controller

Auxiliary material:

Male and female plugs, two-core power cords, expansion screws, etc.

LED flood light installation steps:

1: Install the LED flood light on the wall or the ground first: Make a hole in the wall or the ground, install the expansion screw, install the LED flood light, and lock it with screws; the installation distance between the light lamps is based on Customer's request.

2: Then connect the LED spotlight's 3-core signal cable to the controller and the 2-core power cable to the switching power supply.Calculate how many guardrail lights each transformer can bring based on the power of the transformer and the power of the floodlight; for example, if the LED of the 72-lamp is a 400W waterproof transformer, then 4 or 5 lamps can be provided; the transformer is placed on the 2nd and 3rd In the middle of the station, take two lines and bring two on each side.


1). The transformer generally only uses 80% to 90% of the power.

3: LED flood light controller installation

First install the controller and connect the controller directly to the LED flood light.The lamp signal line is connected to the controller signal (3 core male and female plug), the power supply is connected to the power (two core male and female plug); each controller can only bring a fixed number of LED flood light, generally can be brought to 170; controller Put in the middle of the 85th and 86th sets, so the signal is better. Step 5: Power on, pass the signal.All switching power supply is connected to a 220V main power supply, and then an air switch and time switch are used.Control the LED floodlights to power on uniformly; then plug the main controller plug into the 220V power supply.The sixth step: system debugging.After the controller and the LED flood light are energized; if some of the lamp's program does not move, or the individual lamp does not operate normally; remove the bad LED spotlight and replace it with the backup tube until normal operation.


1). If the LED flood light cannot go through the program normally, make sure the signal is in the signal line. Please replace the lamp that cannot be operated. If it is normal, confirm that it is a problem of this light. If not, you can try another controller. If you can't solve the problem in the installation, please contact the manufacturer.

2). Because the LED lamp is an electronic product, there will always be some defective products, and there will be a virtual weld leakage weld. In addition, the waterproof treatment is a very critical factor, it is recommended to take good care of the quality when purchasing products; if there is any bad product, please return it to the manufacturer. service.

3). The installation of single-color or internal-control floodlights is relatively simple. Directly connect the lamp to the corresponding power supply; here is also mentioned the installation of the internal control number LED spot light: the installation of the internal control number must be lighted The order is installed one by one; if you do not install in order, you will see the overall out of sync.

4). LED flood light, generally installed in outdoor buildings, advertising signs, landscape, on the product's waterproof, high temperature, and other performance requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to buy high-quality products, reduce maintenance costs.

5) It is recommended to apply a layer of waterproof glue to the LED flood light signal and power connection, so as not to affect the normal operation of the lamp.