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Lighting design analysis
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Lighting design analysis

As a national shoe giant brand, MAP hopes to convey to people a positive attitude towards life and a variety of lifestyles. At the same time, its multi-brand popular footwear and accessories retail brand - MAP BY BELLE throughout the year to select customers Select the most forward-looking trends from around the world to attract fashionistas with different characteristics and preferences.

This time, MAP BY BELLE invited lighting designers to design lighting for several brand shops in Guorui City, Dongcheng District, Beijing. These brands are displayed in five shopping areas of the mall: high-end women's shoes, business and leisure areas. , OL dress area, trendy youth area and outdoor recreation area.

Shop Lighting Theme - Oriental Five Elements

For the lighting design of these stores, designers believe that in order to allow consumers to deeply feel the charm of space, the store must have visual impact and variability, and can transform the spirit and brand value into a distinctive visual language. The designers gave the entire space the theme of the five elements of the East. The Five Elements Theory considered that the Jinmushuihutu is the indispensable basic material for the material world and is formed by the movements of the mutual restraint between the five most basic materials. material world. The balance of the five elements has a subtle influence on the retail industry in a certain sense.

Therefore, in the specific lighting design of the store, the designer, on the basis of satisfying the functional lighting, adopts partial lighting for the goods, highlights the characteristics of the goods, induces the consumption of the customers, and maintains the illuminance on the same work surface in a uniform state. At the same time, using light modulation, looming, movement, and changes in the cast light angle, the formation of light modeling, rhythm, rhythm and so on. The artistic processing techniques establish the psychological and physiological environment related to the shape in the environmental space, forming the organic combination of the light carrier, light source, and lamps. Create a variety of interior spaces with varying levels of lighting. Facts have proved that the adoption of the Five Elements design concept vividly explains the connotation of MAP in the five regions, and at the same time it also opens the way for people to think about how people and nature live in harmony.

The specific distribution of the five elements in the five regions:

Gold: noble, retro, fashion – upscale boutique

Wood: Neutral, Comfortable - Business Lounge

Water: calm, reserved, capable – OL dress

Fire: Enthusiasm, Energetic – Fashionable Youth Area

Soil: Close to Nature – Outdoor Recreation Area

Spatial layout - casual

The most important thing in commercial design is the layout. From the moment the consumer enters the storefront to the departure, how can they slow down their pace and stop at the dazzling array of goods, and become a problem for many brand stores to think deeply. The appearance of the store is the image transmission of the brand image. The continuity of the communication is of great importance to the brand. Therefore, MAP's shop appearance is also streamlined to enhance the sense of flow and extensibility. It is the most intuitive way to interpret the “low-key, neutral” first feeling. For the interior design of the store, designers use dynamic and elegant curved lines to re-dividing the mediocre space and subtly divide the display area of each area. Diversified products are distributed in multiple independent spaces and enhance the customer's Touch desire and desire to buy. From time to time, customers seem to see the end of the space, and because of the rationality of the partition, they are in a relatively independent space, effectively inspiring the customer's desire for exploration and curiosity. The entire space appears both deliberately arranged and free and natural. The flow of people flows freely with space and stays.

Environment - Multiple Elements

For MAP's customer base, the market coverage of this information becomes particularly important, and space can be viewed visually to see through the appearance of a real, unique environment design, so that people entering the country are lingering, thinking The brand-new shopping experience brought by “beautiful and beautiful”. The many elements that the environment gives to space are the ones we must face in the search for new meanings of design concepts. The product display area is a structure that can be dismantled, creating a visual effect that is easy to sell, neat, orderly, easy to choose, and structured. Highlight the sense of rhythm and make shopping new and dramatic.

The so-called theme is nothing but a blurry line that runs through the entire space and connects the various regions to guide customers through the world of change and magic. Each space that leads to a personalized design transforms each content into a spatial atmosphere that directly conveys the theme of thought.

The "Golden Zone" uses noble retro hues and presents a rich sense of depth in a variety of modern materials. The abstract gold special paint runs through the entire area. It's rare to bring a luxurious but understated atmosphere to the upmarket area. "Wood Zone" uses wood as a material feature and visual effect to convey a rustic, casual, laid-back attitude to life. Appropriate and natural. The designer can interpret the state of the excitement of the customer according to the sensitivity of the customer to each element. The characteristics of the "water area" molecule are calm, but it is a publicity design concept that appears to be a grey tone suspended on the surface of the water. White lotus, soft and graceful. The meaning of “fire area” and “earth area” has not only remained in the general appearance, it will infiltrate into the inner depth of things and be associated with it. It is full of vitality, integrated in the central idea, placing space to emphasize the beauty of temperament and abandon Unnecessarily shaped, expressed in the most direct material - because the product is the protagonist of space.

Designs such as the flow of water, there are rough and gentle, gentle and gentle, dynamic passion and bold feelings, like the clouds on the horizon, Yunjuanyunshu, its own flow of beauty; calm as calm as the mirror of the water, that a trace of fluctuations This disturbed the tranquility and serenity. Combining with the oriental tradition of the Five Elements Theory, telling the story of the shop with lights, presents a fierce and soft space environment for customers.