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Why do lights need to be debugged?
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Why do lights need to be debugged?

Some people think that lighting design is to carry out lighting design, as long as the design is completed, it is OK. In fact, lighting commissioning is an important step in lighting design project service. How important is it? Let's look at the picture below!

Many times, our lighting intention map looks like this:

The effect of the effect of washing the wall is this:

However, we often see some of the lighting effects that have not been professionally debugged, and they become:

How can we debug the effect of the owner's satisfaction?

1. First of all, it is necessary to clearly know what scenes are in the debugging space, what kind of lighting atmosphere the owner needs, and the lighting scene table should be prepared before debugging. On the basis of the scene table, the brightness of each loop should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

2. Prior to commissioning, communicate with the hotel's electromechanical contractor and intelligent control equipment manufacturers to clarify each circuit designed to ensure that the field circuit and the designed light circuit meet the requirements for commissioning.

3. When necessary, it is also necessary for the luminaire supplier to appoint technicians to assist in resolving related issues.

Let's take a look, some comparison before and after debugging!

High-altitude wall-washing lights in the lobby bar before and after comparison:

Before and after the commissioning of the lobby decorative painting:

Finally, a picture of PO, let everyone see if the lighting designer is swollen or not.

Therefore, designers should have the following basic qualities:

Out of the concept, the design of the program

Deepen the drawings, debug lights!