200W Energy Saving LED Street Lights

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200W Energy Saving LED Street Lights


A. High transmittance optical lens

1. Imported chips are preferred, with excellent lumen maintenance and high luminous efficiency

2. Carefully designing the separate module structure, effectively improving the life-span of the street lights

B. Characteristics of the drive system

1. Constant current drive, short circuit, overvoltage protection

2. Has excellent electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause any interference to other electrical appliances, transmission network, the power supply itself has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability

3. With wide voltage compatibility characteristics, tolerance 20% voltage fluctuations 

4. Drive power using plastic sealing process to ensure that components are not subject to corrosion

C. Cooling system design

1. Carefully design three-chamber independent structure to ensure stable operation of all electronic components

2. Carefully design the heat dissipation air guide trough with air diversion structure to ensure the service life of LED chips.

3. Carefully designed independent power supply cavity structure, power supply work is not affected by the heat of the LED, to ensure stable life of the LED street lights.

D. The characteristics of the whole street light

1.Using high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy die-casting molding, high-strength tempered glass transparent cover, can withstand the impact of high energy

2. All exposed fasteners and accessories are made of stainless steel material with high anti-corrosion properties, a variety of specifications can be selected to meet the technical parameters of various lighting requirements


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