150W Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures Manufacturer

The high power efficiency of this flood lights fixtures make it an ideal choice for lighting parking lots, building facades, monuments, buildings, production, storage shed, ports objects and home depot flood lights.

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This series LED flood lights outdoor offers high light output from a compact form factor and is designed to provide a more durable and long life alternative to halogen and metal halide lamp. Without the high heat, fragile construction, or high energy costs of incandescent lighting.

150w Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures Manufacturer


1. High efficacy >110 lm/W.

2. Passive cooling system.

3. Reliability, outside flood lights.

4. Exterior Flood Lights High Efficient Optical Lens.

5. The integrated light lens creates a professional beam.

6. The multiple beam angle options can be used in different applications.

7. High grade PC materials, high UV protection, impact resistance and no glare design.

8. All connections are IP66 waterproof and easy to connect cable; high standard cable, anti ultraviolet and corrosion.

9. Optical light distribution:No specular highlight ,no light pollution,strong direction,high uniformity degree.



1- What is your product quality of montion sensor flood lights?

Answer: Our raw materials are purchased from qualified suppliers. And we have a strong quality control team to guarantee our quality according to AQL standard.

2- Can we add our logo on pir floodlights products.

Answer: Yes.

3- How long do I need to wait before my security flood lights led arrive?

Answer: 5-7 days for air transportation, 3-5 days for international express. 20-40 days for sea transportation.

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