200W LED Flood Lights for Basketball Court

PMMA lens, 120°for your choice
High quality, high efficiency, high CRI & luminous flux
Save 80% more energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures

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The super power floodlights are best alternative for old HID and HPS lighting bulbs. These high power LED flood light fixtures offer versatile flood lighting solutions from 50W to 250W to many outdoor lighting areas, typically football stadiums, workshops,etc.

200w LED Flood Lights For Basketball Court


1. Heavy duty stirrup bracket for secure mounting,ideal flood lights portable.

2. Sufficient Brightness.No shadow, dizzy light, providing you excellent flood lights.

3. Wide Beam Angle: 120°beam angle, providing you with wide illumination range in LED flood lights.

4. Eco-friendly, conforming to the law of environmental protection and carbon reduction plan.

5. IES files, Dialux lighting project design service, outdoor flood lights.

6. Meelamp's flood lights poetable over 50,000 hours lifespan, don't need replacement and maintenance in 6 years.



If any problem with the outdoor flood lights LED, customer should take some pics of outdoor flood lights  working environment, pics of broken parts, take video of fault phenomenon, pic of LED-chip and check whether the face mask inside has water drop.Send all these details to us, our engineer will figure out the report within one day. If led floodlights product quality problem, we would send you free outdoor flood lights product the next day.

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