70W LED Flood Lights 12 Volt

Long life span over 50000 hrs
High Power LED Flood Light For Sport Stadium
Water-proof dust-proof floodlights outdoor

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Flood Lights LED Outdoor are totally able to replace the High pressure Sodium Lamp or Metal halide Lamp. Further more, LED Flood Lights can reduce energy consumption around 70% than HPSL, and the starting time is far fast than Metal halide Lamp. It is friendly for environment, no lead, or mercury.

70w LED Flood Lights 12 Volt


1. Pure aluminum housing, best heat radiator, long life-span of outside flood lights.

2. Thick water-proof power cable, high temperature resistance, high quality outdoor flood lights.

3. Aluminum reflector with 120°beam angle in flood lights home depot.

4. Power coating adopts Aksu powder, corrosion-resistant, do not lose varnish.

5. Meelamp's led flood lights with high strength bracket, 180 ° adjust the light angle as you like.


Why Choose Us?

1. Engineered with the highest quality materials to ensure reliability, performance, and quality of flood light with stand.

2. LED-chips testing, LED driver testing, LED flood lights assembling, LED floodlights aging testing, Floodlights spectrum analysis system , Flood lights water-proof testing, Dust test chamber, 18 square meters photometric testing room.

3. Adopt advanced imported optical testing equipment and international-certified testing method IES and CIE, which testing data reach 98% and 95% compared with national fixture testing center and actual lighting situation, which provided lighting owner with accurate data. Provides you with the best Meelamp's outdoor flood lights.

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