AE Type 100W Flood Lights LED Outdoor

FEATURES 1. Transparent steel is equivalent to the light bulb. 2. Cold forging radiator, hollow cross-section cylindrical, increase the cooling area. 3. Multiple cooling: cold forging radiator, electrical cooling cavity, light source cavity radiator. 4. Electrical cooling chamber is mainly a...

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AE Type 100W Flood Lights LED Outdoor


1. Multiple cooling: cold forging radiator, electrical cooling cavity, light source cavity radiator, best led flood lights.

2. Electrical cooling chamber is mainly a multiple cooling effect, due to the heat up, the hot air emitted by the cold forging radiator is further diffused through the cooling chamber; secondly, the transformer is placed inside, and the radiator can also be used to distribute the transformer Heat. Flood lights portable.

3. Radiator of light source cavity: not available in the prior art, mainly for dissipating the heat emitted by the tempered transparent member. Flood light home depot.

4. Back cover: mainly used for power off, open cover and power off; the back cover and the electric cooling chamber are separately installed; the cover opening and closing device is composed of upper and lower devices; the upper part is installed inside the back cover and is buckled; Firstly, the three protrusions of the upper part correspond to the three notches of the rear cover, and then the upper part is rotated, and the three protrusions enter the card slot so as to be caught in the rear cover; the prior art is that the torsion spring is fixed, but the torsion spring is fixed It is difficult to install and difficult to remove. Exterior LED flood lights.

5. The lower part of the cover-opening and power-off device and the heat dissipation chamber of the electrical appliance are also in the same manner as the above-mentioned connection, all of which are button-type; the power-off device is energized through the contact, and the separation is followed by the power-off.



1. Long life, maintenance-free, high safety performance. Exterior flood lights LED.

2. The use of imported high-quality LED light source, the life of the LED light source is greater than 80,000 hours. LED  lights work 24 hours a day, without maintenance to completely solve the safety hazards of frequent replacement of light bulbs, while the LED light source due to low operating temperature, greatly improving its safety performance.

3. The flood light adopts a unique power supply mode and has strong applicability. It can work normally between AC 85V-277V, without any change in brightness. Explosion-proof, shock-resistant, shock-resistant, moisture-resistant and heat-sealing, etc. With a service life of more than 5 years, it meets new national standards, saves electricity, is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and saves about 90% of electricity compared with incandescent lamps, saving about 60% compared to current energy-saving lamps.

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