China Manufacturer 150W LED Flood Lights

The LED Flood Light is a large, powerful fixture that has a wide beam spread. It is a high-intensity artificial light that is used to illuminate a large area.Brand name SMD LED ensured premium light quality, high color rendering and as high as 110 Lm/Watt high efficiency.

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The heat sink Airflow structure makes sure the heat can be taken out quickly to keep the fixture cool during operation. The special housing structure of flood light fixture also enables rain water dropping out of the light fixture smoothly without getting inside.

China Manufacturer 150W LED Flood Lights


1. Safe with ROHS and CE certified.We Promise: We Only Sell The Top-quality, Safe and Stable LED Flood Light With TRUE Certification!

2. Upgraded thickened die casting aluminum body.Great for heat dissipation and guarantee the life of LED Floodlight.Safer than Other lights with bad heat dissipation technology which would break down within a month.

3. IP66 level of protection.Built-in upgraded thickened waterproof cushion for better dustproof and weatherproof effect.

4. Can be easily mounted in any where, adjustable stand lets you direct the light at different angles.


The Difference between LED floodlight and traditional floodlights

1. Flood light home depot integrated design style, seat type, wall hanging, etc., a variety of product installation methods, the operation is more simple and convenient.


2. Flood light outdoor multiple shockproof structure design, superior seismic performance, can be reliably used in high-frequency vibration environment.


3.The LED floodlights exterior reflector is made of mirror aluminum material, and through precise light distribution and optimized electrical configuration, the luminous efficiency of the LED spotlight is effectively improved.

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