China Manufacturer LED Flood Lights 20W

Patented cooling body design,anodizing tensile reflector
Acrylic light source enclosure,water-proof IP 66
long-life constant current LED power supply in flood lights fixtures

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The light system efficiency is up to 110 lm/w, CIR>80. This series exterior LED flood lights provide the respirator that solved the balance of air pressure inside and outside, so the flood lights outdoor will not appear as spray inside.

China Manufacturer LED Flood Lights 20w


1. LED floodlights Energy-saving effect is obvious. High-power LED light source is equipped with imported high-efficiency power supply, which can save more than 80% energy compared with sodium lamp. 

2. Luminaires can be used in high humidity environments.

3. The color rendering is good and the real color is more vivid. Various light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, making the visual department feel more comfortable and improving the work efficiency of workers.Best flood lights.

4. Outdoor flood lights using constant current and constant voltage control, suitable for wide voltage (AC85V-277V) to overcome the grid, noise pollution and induced light instability caused by the ballast, to avoid the eye to stimulate and fatigue.

5. Meelamp's portable flood lights simple installation, easy disassembly and wide application range. 



1. Ensure the lamp is intact

Before installing the LED flood light, in order to ensure the quality of its installation,When trying out the outside flood light, check if the outside of the LED flood light is damaged.Are there complete accessories, purchase invoices are available, in order to prepare the lamp with quality problems and can be sold Post-service, etc., and we must carefully examine each item when testing it.

2. Prepare for installation

After the flood lights fixtures are ready to be installed on site, they should first be installed according to the installation drawings attached to the factory.The installers are organized. Firstly connect several spot lights to try the installation drawings. If not, if there is Conditions can be arranged for one person to one to test light to avoid getting upstairs after installation

Bad, but also removed. In addition, you need to prepare all the links in the installation process.Tools, materials, etc.

3. After the led flood lights outdoor are positioned, they need to be fixed and wired and connected.

Must pay attention to the line process, because the general cast light is outside this, then the outdoor wiring

Waterproofing is very important, so it is recommended that you better review it when fixing and wiring.Ensure its installation quality is in place.

4 ready to test light

After the LED flood light is fixed and ready to test light, it is better to be on the main power supply.If you use a universal meter to make a call, if there is a short circuit in the wrong line, you can guarantee that even if you are connected

The short-circuited spotlight will not burn out after turning on the power. It is recommended that you Must be in place, don't be lazy.

5. Check the installation quality

Fifth, try to light up as much as possible after the test is completed. The second day and the third day

After reviewing, after doing so, all are good, and there will not be any questions afterwards.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the installation of LED high power floodlights.

Workers know the importance of fixing, wiring, and thread waterproofing.

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