High Lumen 30W Exterior LED Flood Lights

This flood lights is applicable for plant with high roof, workshop, warehouse, exhibition hall, gymnasium, bus/railway station, airport, shopping mall, outdoor buildings.High brightness brand name LED chips, with high quality exterior driver.

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Product Details

The high pure imported aluminum from Germany as the reflector has high reflecting efficiency, and it can make sure the luminous flux, controlling the LED floodlights inside of a useful area. It improves the efficiency of light uniformity and utilization, showing the LED advantage of energy saving of exterior flood lights LED.

High Lumen 30w Exterior LED Flood Lights


1. High hardness tempered glass, high light transmittance, smooth uniform illumination in outside flood lights.

2. Reflector and heat sink integrated,LED PCB fit aluminium die cast housing.

3. With G-buckle, prevent tempered glass falling off, protect flood lights fixtures.

4. Special efficient switching power supply and constant current to adjust the wide range of voltage change, best led flood lights.

5. Small volume ,light weight ,self-cleaning coatings, do not stuck dust, anti-corrosion and durable,with protect grade IP66 in Meelamp's flood lights portable.

6. Built-in thermal device, realize self-control function in real time with change of ambient temperature and voltage fluctuation, providing best home depot flood lights. 

7. Surface treatment: Static electricity spray to bear hot temperature and harsh weather,best flood lamp.


Our Floodlights' Advantages

1. Our driver shell is aluminum alloy, it sticks to the led flood light fixture body, it is good for water-proof and heat sink.

2. The LED chip and reflector sealed well with the reflector. 

3. Reflector is even, appearance is smooth without any burr.

4. Our die-cast housing proceed strict polish process, the floodlights housing is smooth.

5. We use high PF driver, efficiency is high.

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