High Power 150W Flood Lights LED Outdoor

IP / IK: IP66 / IK08
Operation Temp.: -40℃ ~ +45℃
Certification: DLC, CE, CB, SAA, Class II Chemical Explosion proof

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Product Details

The waterproof slim flood lights portable have newest ultra thin design with extremely light weight. Brand name SMD LED ensured premium light quality, high color rendering and as high as 110 Lm/Watt high efficiency in Meelamp's exterior flood lights LED.

High Power 150w Flood Lights LED Outdoor


1. Brand name LED chip and quality LED driver, best flood lights.

2. High performance heat sink make good disspation in flood light fixture.

3. Waterproof IP66 and special waterproof protection.

4. 180° installation angle adjustable, flood light with stand.

5. VDE Certificated wire with high safty, in flood lights outdoor.

6. 2-3 years warranty and CE RoHS UL approval, in Meelamp's flood lights led.



1. In order to maintain the lighting effect, please clean it regularly (once every six months). Use a soft cloth to wipe the LED flood lights home depot.

2. Do not use any chemical solvent to wipe the surface of the portable flood lights, otherwise it may cause corrosion or discoloration on the surface of the lamp.

3. In case of breakage or other abnormality, please replace led floodlights immediately.

(Note: Please cut off the power before installing or maintaining)

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