LED Flood Lights 30W PHILIPS Type

Ultra brightness,ideal performance
Different angle lens options in our floodlights
Up to 120 lm/W (with lens)

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Design with very strong aluminium shell, the portable flood light have many sets of lens and other accessory to choose and could fit in all kinds of projects.Adopting highly luminous-efficient light source and highly reliable LED driver. Meelamp's flood lights fixtures accomplishe many goals without sacrificing performance.

LED Flood Lights 30w PHILIPS Type


1. Wide radiation angle,huge lighting area

2. Start without delay and flicker free, best led flood lights.

3. Good color rendering in Meelamp's flood light fixture.

4. Easy installation,adjustable stand lets you point the light at different angles

5. High shock&vibration resistant, flood lights outdoor.

6. Ideal heat dissipation design in flood lights portable.

7. No UV&IR,No Blinking&No Mercury&Lead free, Philips style LED flood lights.

8. Energy saving system,saving 50%energy than the conventional metal halide lamp,sodium light

 or HPS light



1. Meelamp's flood lights LED Unique fins aluminum heatsink greatly reduct product weight and guarantte the safety usage, as well as to avoide the material usag comparing with conventional die-cast or extrusion heatsinks.

2. By increasing the number of fins to enlarge the area of heat dissipation and air flow, this new heatsink significantly increase the effiency of thermal conduction with less material usage and more saving on energy. It is the best solution of LED flood lights.

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