LED Flood Lights 50W for Sale

50W LED outside Flood lights ,Extra wide Distribution
High Power LED Flood Light For Sport Stadium
150 W halogen bulb equivalent

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It is very suitable for warehouses, factories, stadiums, tunnels, buildings and billboards, with a low energy perfect lighting and light panel rotation. Powerful led floodlights make your application field as bright as daylight, because the 50 watts LED flood lights replace the 150 Watt halogen lamp, and bathe in 150 square meters area in light as bright as in daytime.

LED Flood Lights 50W For Sale


1. Energy Saving and Environment-friendly product. 

2. Meelamp 50 W led flood light fixtures replace 150W traditional halogen bulb and save 80% of lighting electricity.  

3. No radiation, lead-free, no mercury and other pollution elements.Safety and Durable.

4. Using safe and high transmittance toughened glass, best flood lights.

5. The outdoor cable adopts special standard anti aging, anti UV outdoor rubber cable. 

6. Die casting aluminum, anti - scraping and anti - fade. High efficiency heat dissipation structure. Special appearance of anti-static and corrosion.

7. Easy to install and Wide application, led flood lights portable.

8. You only need to connect the lead cable, fix the light, and adjust the angle you like. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor flood lights.


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