New Arrival LED Flood Lights 20W

The LED floodlight adopts the streamline heat dissipation structure, which has high heat dissipation efficiency, light weight and low cost, which is beneficial to the popularization of LED lighting.Using high lumen SMD, stable performance, high luminous efficiency, whole lighting effect 110 LM/W, more energy saving.

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New Standard SMD LED Flood Lights. These new series are from 20W-200W, for the Auxiliary lighting of outdoor flood lights application. Another new function is that the beam angle of these Power LED Flood Lights is 60°/ 120°.

New Arrival LED Flood Lights 20w


1. 100% brand new, constant current in flood lights driver.

2. Low consumption, high brightness.

3. No radiation, safe, stable and reliable.

4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, best led flood lights effect.

5. Suitable for Building site, hotel, hall, Parking ,garden, Construction Building, etc

6. Housing case: adopts the high quality stainless steel, double ensure heat dissipation.

7. IP66 to protect against ingress of dust and against standard water jets with a nozzle.


The Difference Between Wall Wash Lamp and LED Floodlights

Wash Wall Lamp, let the light wash the wall like water,Mainly used for architectural decorative lighting,Also used to outline large buildings, image walls, sculptures.It usually use T5,T8 as light source before.Now, it basically use LED lamp as light source.

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