Modular 100W LED Flood Lights for Tunnel Light

Each row can be adjustable,LED flood lights
More modules are available for higher power to 1000 Watt
The heat-sink are pure 6063 aluminum material

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The LED Flood Light is a large, powerful fixture that has a wide beam spread. It is a high-intensity artificial light that is used to illuminate a large area. Most often used outdoor, floodlights are used to illuminating outdoor playing fields and sports events.The flood lights fixtures can also be used for led indoor flood lights for lighting stages to create an artificial daytime setting.

Modular 100w LED Flood Lights For Tunnel Light


1. Protection Class IP 66, perfect for outdoor flood lights use.

2. Original brand name LED-chip , high CRI > 80, and High luminous output > 110 lm/W.

3. A respirator can remove mist and avoid condensation. The LED floodlights body can be adjusted at any angle of 180 degrees.

4. Good quality control by the famous LED driver brands, providing you the best flood lights.

5. Various powers functions to match different requirements of client, good exterior flood lights led.



1. Extreme temperature test, ensure the outside flood lights in extreme temperature environmental stable working.

2. Corrosion protest test to ensure the home depot flood lights work well in a corrosive environment.

3. Drop test, lamp to drop test to international standards.

4. Vibration proof test, to ensure solid packing, transportation safety. Decrease the influence of wind and earthquake on flood lights outdoor.

5. Dark room test, to obtain accurate testing of IES files and other photometric data of flood lights outdoor.

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