Modular 200W LED Flood Lights for Sale

FEATURES 1. Modular pluggable technology, simple on-site maintenance. 2. Honeycomb cooling and full-structure cooling technology, efficient heat dissipation performance. 3. Dual coupling IP68 protection, high efficiency waterproof rating. 4. "Ultra robust" module technology, single...

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Modular 200W LED Flood Lights for Sale


1. Modular pluggable technology, simple on-site maintenance, flood light fixture.

2. Streamline cooling and full-structure cooling technology, efficient heat dissipation performance.

3. Dual coupling IP66 protection, high efficiency waterproof rating, best flood lights led.

4. "Ultra robust" module technology, single damage does not affect the other single current.

5. Constant current drive power, safe and stable flood lights outdoor.

6. Human ergonomics with light, low glare and uniform illumination.

7. Free serialization, full power solution, flood light with stand.


Installation and Usage in Tunnel

(1) Brightness

Since the brightness outside the tunnel during the day is much higher than that in the tunnel, when the driver drives into the tunnel, the vision needs to have a certain adaptation time, and then can see the situation inside the tunnel. This phenomenon is called “adaptation lag”. "If there is no proper transition, black holes will occur, causing the driver to temporarily lose its normal visual function, which will bring about certain security risks." The black hole phenomenon is a visual problem that occurs before entering the tunnel and is also the most important issue in tunnel lighting. For this reason tunnel lighting is generally divided into entrance lighting, interior lighting and exit lighting. The brightness of the tunnel entrance lighting during the day is determined by the brightness outside the tunnel, the speed of the vehicle, the field of view at the entrance, and the length of the tunnel. The threshold segment is to eliminate the "black hole" phenomenon, and the lighting level of the transition segment is further reduced gradually, thus providing the driver with visual dark adaptation time.

(2) Brightness Uniformity

A good visual function not only requires a good average brightness, but also requires that the average brightness on the road and the minimum brightness cannot be too different. If the brightness difference in the field of view is too large, a bright part will form a glare light source, and the bright and dark changes will bring about a certain strobe effect, which in turn affects the visual, visual effects of the human eye will be significantly worse, and visual Fatigue will also increase.

The overall brightness uniformity U0 refers to the ratio of the minimum brightness to the average brightness on the road surface of the inner tunnel section. The vertical uniformity U1 refers to the ratio of the minimum road brightness to the maximum road brightness on the lane axis. If there are continuous and repeated bright and dark bands on the road surface, that is, the “Zebra effect”, it will be very annoying for the road users traveling in this lane. This problem involves human psychology, but it also jeopardizes road safety. Vertical uniformity is mainly used to evaluate the size of the “zebra effect”.

(3) Glare

The formation of glare is due to the presence of extremely high brightness or brightness contrast in the field of view, which degrades visual function or makes the eye feel uncomfortable. The glare in the tunnel lighting can come from headlights on the oncoming traffic, tunnel lighting, high brightness outside the tunnel exit, etc. Glare will reduce people's ability to identify obstacles and endanger traffic safety. The tunnel lighting fixtures should be of a light-cut type, and special technical measures should be taken to eliminate direct light and reflected glare to form a diffuse reflection, making the light enter the human eye very softly.

The International Commission on Illumination used a relative threshold increment (TI) to illustrate the decline in visual function caused by glare, the measure of disability glare. According to the EU Standards Council's tunnel lighting standard (CR 14380:2003E), the regulations for disability glare are as follows: The tunnel threshold and internal segments during the day and the entire tunnel at night must have a relative threshold increment (TI) of less than 15%. .

(4) Strobe Effect

Strobe means that in a long tunnel, due to the discontinuous arrangement of the illuminators, the driver is continuously disturbed by changes in light and shade. It is related to the change of brightness and brightness, the frequency of light and shade changes, and the total time of strobe. These three relate to the optical characteristics of the lamp used, the speed of travel of the vehicle, the installation pitch of the luminaire, and the length of the tunnel. In general, the flicker phenomenon that occurs when the strobe frequency is less than 2.5 and greater than 15 Hz is acceptable.

If the speed of the vehicle is 60km/h or 16.6m/s, the installation distance of the luminaire is 4 so that the frequency of the strobe is about 4.2Hz. When designing, it should be considered and the appropriate luminaire installation spacing should be selected. If the frequency of the strobe is between 4Hz and 11Hz, and it lasts for more than 20s, it will bring obvious discomfort to the driver.

(5) Lighting Control

The advanced lighting control method is an important technique for reasonable energy saving under the condition of guaranteeing visual conditions and meeting the tunnel lighting requirements. The purpose of lighting control is to change the lighting level of the tunnel at any time. Due to cloudy, rainy or dusky times, the brightness outside the tunnel entrance is much smaller than usual, so appropriate measures must be taken to reduce the level of lighting in the entrance section in order to reduce unnecessary energy waste. In the tunnel lighting, according to factors such as the daytime, nighttime, and traffic volume, etc., various dimming devices or control devices can be used to adjust and control the illuminance of the tunnel lighting environment or the opening and closing of the lights. At present, foreign countries mostly use photosensitive devices, adjustable optical electronic rectifiers and other forms of intelligent lighting system, so that the overall brightness of the tunnel lighting weakened, reduced energy consumption; at the same time, to ensure the uniformity of the brightness of the tunnel unchanged. Spark patented intelligent LED tunnel light can realize computer dimming, temperature control, automatic inspection, adjustable elevation/horizontal angle and other functions. Lighting efficiency 80lm/W, energy saving rate 70% www.

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