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Hotel Lighting: LED Lighting Is Still Mainly Replaced
- May 31, 2018 -

Hotel lighting: LED lighting is still mainly replaced

Continental hotels have a large number of features with a large number of lights. While LED indoor lighting applications have become a consensus for the development of the industry this year, hotel lighting, as one of the major market segments for indoor lighting, has also attracted the attention of many companies. However, at present, the application scale of LED in hotel lighting is not very large. What are the products of hotel lighting suitable for application? How to develop and promote it?

Pan Mingrong, director of Zhongming Planning, pointed out that the hotel lighting market is still mainly replaced. Therefore, LED lighting products mainly replace traditional lighting fixtures, such as LED downlights, spotlights, bulb lamps, and flat panel lamps. Innovative LED lighting is not without market, but it is mainly used in some newly-built high-end hotels. The space is still small.

Specifically, due to the variety of places in the hotel, besides the bedroom and the living room, they also include offices, bars, conference rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, fitness clubs, and beauty SPA clubs. The different environments of hotel lighting have different requirements, and different lighting products need to be selected according to the characteristics of these requirements. For example, the hotel lobby needs bright light, which can give guests a feeling of ease, you can consider the use of decorative high-power LED downlight; hotel guests can use LED ceiling light in the lounge area, can be used alone with constant current power supply, also PWM dimming can be realized under the DMX dimming controller, which has obvious energy saving and emission reduction effects. The corridor illumination of the hotel's guest rooms is mainly based on guidance and safety. Flooded LED downlights can be used, but the power should not be too high to achieve lighting effects. Most elevators now use LED flexible light strips for lighting. Hotel western restaurant, often used for informal banquets, the overall atmosphere needs warm and exotic, you can consider the use of LED adjustable down light, LED ceiling light, LEDMR16 light cup, LEDAR111 light cup and other collocation, dimming with different color temperature, Can meet different lighting requirements of the restaurant. The conference room of the hotel ensures the smooth running of the conference and at the same time enhances the attention of participants. Therefore, the functional lighting generally does not use warm light sources, and the overall illumination of the space can be ensured by adopting LED adjustable downlights, LED ceiling lights and LEDPannelLight. Dimming lighting at all stages can be achieved through system control. The rooms are the key areas of the hotel lighting, and different interior areas have different lighting needs and require different types and power of light sources. The main lighting in the lobby of the guest room needs even and soft lighting. LED ceiling lights can be used. The desk desk needs concentrated illumination, and the LED desk lamp used above can be illuminated with a power of about 7 W to 10 W. The SMD light source of a low power LED can generate very soft light, which is suitable for writing and reading in front. The bedside lamps can use LED wall lights or projection LED downlights. The light source uses the warm white light of the LED and adds a control system to achieve an adjustable brightness. Washing room lighting can be used waterproof LED panel light, brightness can be based on the size of the space and use different power, color temperature is white is appropriate to increase the brightness will feel.

However, due to price and other reasons, the proportion of LED lamps used in hotels is still very low. What is the main mode of LED lighting into hotel lighting? Therefore, the application of LED products in hotels should preferably be combined with energy-saving transformation.

Specifically, at present, there are mainly two modes for LED lighting applications in hotel lighting: first, direct purchase; compared with general halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, and metal halide lamps, LED has a long lifetime, and its light color is easy to control. Such characteristics, but some difficulties in the initial purchase costs, product stability and other aspects. Followed by the contract energy management model. In other words, the hotel side will sign a contract with the energy-saving technical service company. The energy-saving technology service company will fully invest in the energy-saving project technology and capital, and own all the property rights of the energy-saving project. The hotel will use the energy-saving benefits generated by the energy-saving project and save energy according to the contract. The technical service company pays investment costs and profits; after the completion of the contract, the energy-saving technical service company transfers the project property rights to the enterprises that implement energy-saving projects.

However, at present the industry has different views on the contract energy management model, and industry experts for the LED hotel lighting transformation for contract energy management, said that low risk of zero investment does not mean that you can sit back and relax, the hotel needs to pay attention to the advanced nature of energy-saving project technology The judgment and choice of energy-saving technology service companies are scientifically accurate. In the final analysis, they are judgements and choices of suppliers of core products and technologies.