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LED Industry Structure Adjustment Period Promotes Sustainable Development
- May 30, 2018 -

LED Industry Structure Adjustment Period Promotes Sustainable Development

LED can enter millions of households, so it will certainly benefit people's livelihood; LED energy-saving emission reduction is very significant, has important practical significance for the construction of ecological civilization; LED upstream and middle reaches, the threshold is relatively high, with technology-intensive and capital-intensive features, is typical The advanced manufacturing industry is an indispensable part of China's manufacturing of 2025; downstream of LED, the threshold is relatively low, and it is suitable as an entry point for popular entrepreneurship and innovation.

At present, the LED industry structure is in the adjustment period. International companies are gradually disappearing because they no longer have a very clear competitive advantage. Most of the upstream and midstream companies in China are faced with the problem of homogenization of products and vicious competition at low prices. They are facing the predicament of reshuffling in the industry. Only companies with technological advantages and product characteristics can survive and develop.

Under such a backdrop, the 13th Five-Year Plan for LED industry will play an important role in promoting the healthy and sustainable development of China's LED industry. Suggest:

1. Guide LED downstream companies to carry out technical and product innovations and introduce high-quality, high-efficiency LED applications. At present, the quality of LED application products in the Chinese market is uneven, and there are not many high-quality and high-efficiency products. LED lighting products with poor color quality and low luminous efficiency do not fully demonstrate the advantages of LED, and require the current density and multicolor Phosphor configuration and other aspects of reasonable optimization and innovation.

2. Encourage and support LED upstream and midstream companies to continuously carry out technological innovation, introduce differentiated products, and prevent the homogenization of low-priced and vicious competition from the source. There is still a lot of room for development of LED technology. There are still many important issues worth studying. Today's LED lighting technology based on blue LED plus phosphor is a transitional technology solution, and it is likely to develop into a 100% LED lighting technology without phosphor in the near future. By that time, the color quality, light security, and light efficiency of LED lighting products will be coordinated to a more ideal state. It is recommended that the state increase support for new technology innovation.

3. The localization of high-end equipment in the LED industry has achieved important breakthroughs, performance has been basically the same as imported equipment, and some of the performance has advantages. However, due to the relatively small scale of production and sales, there is currently no cost advantage compared with imported equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that the state issue relevant policies, provide certain subsidies for enterprises using domestically-made high-end equipment, and promote the large-scale production and sales of domestic high-end equipment.